Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association – CMCLA


Standing Forth for Justice

Empowering the Muslim community in Canada through legal, political and social avenues.

Muslims in Canada number between 600,000 and 650,000. As this community – certainly one of Canada’s largest minority groups – becomes more active and visible in Canadian society, it will undoubtedly encounter problems and barriers to equal participation.

Unfortunately, numerous instances of anti-muslim discrimination and anti-Islam propaganda occur in our midst.

Many of these instances can be found on such a consistent and continuous basis that they have become grounded in society’s perception of Muslims and of minorities in general. Worse still, many Muslims believe that they have no power or ability to expose and address these injustices. Often this helpless feeling arises from the lack of information about civil rights and freedoms as well as a lack of faith in “the system” and what it can do for us.

It is for this reason that a number of concerned individuals scholars, students, community activists established the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association (CMCLA). CMCLA brings together individuals who are well versed in the Canadian legal system, those who have worked in the areas social policy as well as activists in the fields of education and the mass media.

The diversity of these experiences and expertise enables CMCLA to address issues which reflect the complexities of Muslim life in Canada. While CMCLA works at the grass roots level providing support to the individuals and communities. CMCLA’s goals are long-term and geared towards the national forum. This focus enables the organization to affect the changes at the institutional and political levels.

By establishing projects with this focus in mind, CMCLA hopes to ensure that Muslims do not continue to be deemed as “the other” in Canadian society. As well, this ensures that the public is aware of Muslim positions on the issues that affect Canadian society.




CMCLA is in a position to mobilize Muslim response to instances of religious discrimination. The CMCLA also monitors private and public sector policy.


One of the root cause of public discrimination, be it religious or otherwise, is ignorance. Instead of being involved merely at the reactive level, CMCLA is committed to proactive involvement, participation and co-ordinating. Therefore, besides responding to misinformation, our mandate includes organizing workshops for schools and and the workplace, interfaith dialogues, and seminars.


Conducting research into Muslims and Islam in Canada, disrimination, and cross-cultural understanding.


Make available to the various libraries and schools suitable books and periodicals.

As an organization committed to the dynamics of social participation now and the future, CMCLA needs the commitment both of talented, energetic volunteers as well as generous donors and patrons who believe in changing the status of Muslims in Canada. Establishing and nurturing the long-term projects outlined above is perhaps the most vital and pressing concern for the Muslim community today. Please join us in our efforts to ensure the liberties of Muslims are upheld and, to imprint the Muslim mark on Canada’s social, intellectual and political milieus. May Allah (SWT) guide us to stand forth in justice.

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Faisal Kutty – General Counsel | HiMY SYeD – (former) Executive Director